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Wizard Epic 1.0 The Staff of Four

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The Beginning

The Wizard Epic Quest is started by talking to Solomen (Level 40) within the Temple of Solusek Ro. Entrance is in Lavastorm location (+800, +228). Solomen is a human wizard located on the left portion of the temple, third floorm between the two undead knights, one room away from Lord Seafire. Here is what you say:

Start by saying "Hail Solomen."

He will respond, "Ah, I see you have found my study. This is where I study and scribe the history of magic in Norrath."

Say, "What history?"

Solomen says, "I have worked to chronicle everything from the beginnings of magic to what we consider the modern day of magic. Solusek Ro has been very generous to those who wield magic in Norrath. But throughout history there is one thing I have noticed - too much power corrupts the soul. I have seen and documented that the strongest wizards and those closest to Solusek Ro become corrupted by their power."

You says, "What Wizards?"

Solomen responds, "Unfortunately, I don't have time to speak of such things right now. But I could use your help since you are here. I have here an envelope that I need delivered to one Camin Rah. You can find Camin in the wizard tower in the city of Erudin. He is a sage like myself whose knowledge rivals my own. Do you [agree] to undertake my task?."

You say, 'I agree.'

Solomen says 'Here you are, then. Good luck on your journey.

Solomen then gives you a note that you must give to Camin.


Now you must head to the City of Erudin and find Camin. He can be found at the Vasty Deep Inn. To find him, simply open the front door and go up the stairs to your right. Go down the hall and open the first door on your left. Camin will be behind the door. He is normally indifferent or apprehensive to everyone. Hand him the note that Solomen gave to you and your faction with TrueSpirit will increase.

Camin will say, "So you have met Solomen, eh? He is a man with a wealth of knowledge. It is good to hear he is well."

Hail Camin and he will respond, "Go away! I have no time for you!" If this does happen then you must raise your faction with TrueSpirit. There is no confirmed way to do this but some wizards have handed him 1000 platinum and it did the trick. You are not able to hand him the note over and over again to raise faction with TrueSpirit. You need to be warmly with him and then Hail him again.

Then say, "What are you searching for?"

Camin says ''Ah! A smart one, I see! If you really wish to know about such a thing, you will have to help me finance my studies. The knowledge I have acquired and researched did not come cheaply."

Hand Camin 1000 platinum pieces (yes it is confirmed that you must do this).

Once you have handed him the money he will reply, "Good, good, you show a willingness to learn of this with your offer. What I can tell you is that Solusek Ro had four followers who had shown exceptional aptitude in the arts of wizardry. Solusek Ro himself tutored them. He considered them to be like his own children. I know of one who still exists. He goes by the name of Arantir Karondor. He used to specialize in the storing of magic into physical objects. Arantir has been hiding for many, many years and will most assuredly be going by another name, so keep your eyes open. Anyway, be off, I need to continue my research. Return to me if you ever find Arantir Karondor.''

Arantir Karondor

Now to find Arantir Karondor. There is a female NPC vendor in Halas named Dargon that sells a potion called Ro's Breath. She is located in front of the Shaman guild. Purchase this potion from Dargon for the sum of about 900pp to 1100pp depending on your faction and charisma. Now take this potion back to Camin in Erudin and hand it to him. He will reply with the following:

Camin says 'Very interesting... I've seen this work before. Yes, yes! It's the work of Arantir Karondor! Give this back to the person you got it from. Maybe he will have a clue to Arantir's location.'

Camin gives you back the potion (it has now been stripped of it's Shield of Lava charge) and you must take it back to Dargon in Halas. Note: you cannot skip the previous trip to Camin. You absolutely, must hand the potion to Camin. If you try to skip the trip to Erudin, you will get the following message from Dargon: "I didn’t request this item, but thank you very much".

Back in Halas, hand the Ro's Breath potion back to Dargon. She will turn into blue robe adorned, Arantir Karondor and reply with:

Dargon says 'So, I've been discovered! You must know Camin - he is one of the only people who could have recognized my work. I have worked very hard to mask my presence here.'

You say, 'Hail Arantir Karondor'

Arantir Karondor says 'Before I tell you anything, I require you to help me. Seek a woman named Challice. Give her this letter and then return to me.'

Arantir's Ring

The letter that Arantir hands you is actually a ring called Arantir's Ring. Identifying it reveals: "Item Lore: My love has no bounds.". Challice is found in the basement of the Felwithe Paladin guild. Remember that Arantir will despawn in three minutes. So if you want him to stay there while you go to Felwithe, have a friend stay with Arantir and continue to talk to him while you are gone. If he does despawn then you must wait for another wizard to make him spawn, but you do not have to keep him up in order to complete the quest. Once in Felwithe, hand Challice the ring and she will reply with:

"Oh yes? Arantir? What a fool he was! The man gave me everything, but for all his intelligence, he could never understand why I was truly with him. It was for his power; he could do anything. But when he mysteriously lost it, he became just another toy. I never loved him. Return this ring to him. He will understand that I have no desire to see him again.''

She then returns to you a new ring that you must take to Arantir/Dargon. It does not matter if you give the ring to Dargon if Arantir has despawned. If you do this, Arantir will respawn. Then Hail him.

"Ah, but it pains my heart to see this. How I could love a women like that is beyond me. And yet, I still do love her. It was on the day I was to ask her to marry me that I lost my powers. When I was about to cast my greatest spell to prove my love to her, my magic failed. She ran out on me that day. But enough of me, do you wish to hear my story?'"

You say, ''I wish to hear your story.''

Arantir Karondor says "I once was one of four true followers of Solusek Ro. So great were the four of us that Solusek Ro himself made us each a special item. We did not know what the others' items were, but we realized that was for our own safety. Each one of us, after receiving the item, began to plot against Solusek Ro. Each of us believed we had enough power to dominate Norrath. Solusek Ro saw this and at the time we needed our powers most, he stripped us of them. Now I know two of the other wizards by name. One was called Sylen Tyrn, the other's name was Demunir Scry. The last wizard was a gnome, but I can't think of his name."

Sylen Tyrn - Blue Crystal Staff

You say, ''What about Sylen Tyrn?''

Arantir Karondor says ''Sylen was a high elf wizard, and like many high elves, he believed himself to be better than others. Because of his birth, he thought he was more noble and more intelligent than anyone else. I heard how met his demise - while flying over a vast area of water, his powers were stripped from him in midflight. He fell and was captured by a rival wizard who specialized in magics of the water. Search for that wizard and you could find a trace of Sylen.''

The trace of Sylen Tyrn can be found on the Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. The item he means is the Blue Crystal Staff. The Phinigel Autropos is a level 50 Wizard. He is actually quite easy to kill. If you have support, this part isn't hard to do. Phinny spawns every 14 hours. He is surrounded by guards, that can be solo pulled by 60. Phinny can be done with one well structured group of level 58s plus. There are many tactics to killing Phinny. The most used and most reliable is single pulling the guardians fast. They repop every 20 minutes so if you don't go fast enough, you will have to start over. Once they are dispatched, pull Phinny. He himself isn't very hard to kill. It helps to have someone to slow. If you are doing this with one group, you need a shaman, enchanter, warrior, cleric, yourself, and preferably a damage meleer such as a monk, rogue, or ranger.

Demunir Scry - Gnarled Staff

You say, 'What about Demunir Scry?'

Arantir Karondor says 'Demunir was a human in a rush for power. He was extremely intelligent and resourceful but, unfortunately, was more interested in destructive magic. Hearing of an ancient land, he immediately traveled to it, believing there to be powerful relics left undiscovered there. While exploring, he came upon a dwelling that housed a powerful warrior. Believing himself to be more powerful, he attempted to take this dwelling for himself. While in battle with this warrior, Solusek Ro stole his powers and left him helpless. It is said that Demunir's item is the warrior's most prized trophy."

The item you need this time is the Gnarled Staff dropped off of Venril Sathir in Karnor's Castle, the leader of the Iksar Empire. He is a 55 Warrior with approximately 18,000 hitpoints. This is hardly anything, but his regeneration is amazing. You basically have to kill him within the first 20 seconds, or else it is hard to win the fight. You have to realize that 18khp is hardly anything. He has 2 personal clerics which heal him and never seem to run out of mana. It might be smart to have a designated group that would kill these before helping the other groups with Venril. The best type of spells to cast on him are cold and fire because he doesn't have as strong resistances in those type of spells. He has 1000 lifetap punches which can be very dangerous also. Basically, you need a strong guild to kill him and be able to loot the staff, if it drops. Venril is on a 68-72 hour spawn.

The Gnome - Staff of Gabstik

You say, ''What about the gnome?'' If he doesn't reply, say: ''Who is the gnome?''

Arantir Karondor says 'Ah, the gnome I know very little about. I know he was small and crafty, and that he had a brother. His brother's craft was that of making fireworks, and he was the unfortunate victim of one of his own experiments. His firework exploded, leaving his mind diminished in capacity, even for a gnome. I remember others calling him 'Old Stewpot' in jest. I do not know if this is his birth name, but it may help you to locate him. I hear he also stays close to water because of the explosion. You never know when another gnomish invention will go awry. Give him this letter to help motivate him to remember."

The gnome Arantir Karondor is talking about is Kandin Firepot in Butcherblock. His location is -1500, +2800, near the ocean. There is now a new way you can get the Staff of Gabstik and the note to Arantir. Instead of handing Kandin the note from Arantir, Hail him:

You say, 'Hail Kandin Firepot'

Kandin Firepot says 'Hello, there! Don't have time to talk. I'm workin', workin', workin'! Careful! Don't slip in the oil!

You say, 'what oil?'

Kandin Firepot says 'Ah the oil! I recently sent a specially crafted golem to explore through a huge portal to another plane. It's instructions were to collect special oil that I suspect existed in the plane. What I think is the golem broke down. This looks like a good task for one like you. Go see what's wrong with the golem. Here is spare gears of mine incase it's broken. Be careful though, if you put it in wrong it could explode or worse!

The golem he speaks of is called a broken golem in the Plane of Fear. His location is-720, -109. Give him the spare gears from Kandin:

An enraged golem says 'Error! Malfunction! Destroy! Wizards like you always bring out the worst in me.'

Now in the place of the broken golem is an enraged golem. He double hits for 400 and has around 150k hit points. You will need many tanks and clerics. Casters are not necessary, but they can sometimes put a dent into his hp. He does not cast so you don't need to worry about resists. When he dies, loot the green oil from his corpse. Return this to Kandin.

Kandin Firepot says 'Oh wow! You found the oil! Where is the golem? You didn't hurt him did you? I am very fond of him. Anyways, here is your reward a note and staff to give to that guy you were asking me about.'

You will now have the note to Arantir and the Staff of Gabstik.

The Ending

Take the note from Kandin to Dargon and give it to her for Arantir to spawn. Then Hail him:

You say, ''Hail Arantir Karondor''

Arantir Karondor says ''Ah yes, you again. Do you have the items? Give me the three you possess and I'll combine them with my own."

Now give Arantir all of the three staves, the Blue Crystal Staff, the Gnarled Staff, and the Staff of Gabstik. Make sure they are the right ones! Some of these staves icons look like other staves that aren't needed in the quest. If you give him the wrong ones then you will have to start over.

Arantir Karondor says 'Here, this pack contains all of our items. You will never be able to open it again, so you must deliver the pack, intact, to Solomen. He will then reward you. Now that I have helped you, leave me in peace.

Now go back to Solomen and give him the bag. He will then give you the final epic weapon, The Staff of Four.

Congratulations on your 'The Staff of Four'!

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