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Ranger Epic 1.5 Heartwood Blade

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If you have the Swiftwind / Earthcaller (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest:

Step 1: The First Hints

Althele may be found at -3600, -1600 in Eastern Karana.

You say, 'Hail, Althele'

Althele says, 'Hello, friend. Beautiful is what I would call such a day normally, but lately? I sense that something is [out of balance].'

You say, 'What is out of balance?'

Althele says 'I don't know for certain what is wrong. It feels like the start of a cold, a sort of tickling at the back of Norrath's throat, if I may make such a poor metaphor. In much the same way that I can sense that you have wielded the power of nature, probably in the form of the weapons known as Swiftwind and Earthcaller, I can sense a power of illness creeping upon the land. Please, if you come across anything suspicious bring it to me. I am worried, this does not feel like a natural sickness to me. Go with the blessing of the Mother and the speed of the Storm, my child.'

Go to the Rathe Mountains and forage Sickly Maiden's Hair, a rare forage. Give it to Althele.

Althele says 'This plant has an illness that I have never sensed before.' Althele pauses in thought for a moment. 'You are a hunter, so I shall put your skills to work. First, take this to Corun in Surefall. He is an expert on animal illnesses. Then put your hunting skills to work and see if you can capture any animals that may have eaten this plant. Corun will want to see them to help him discover what the sickness is.'

You receive a Tuft of Sickly Maiden's Hair.

Step 2: Corun Gives Advice

Give the tuft to Corun Finisc in Surefall Glades.

Corun Finisc says 'Well, this is certainly an unpleasant sight. If Althele sent you to me it must be because I've had a lot of experience with sick animals. If you can find me some animals that have become ill by eating this plant perhaps I can discover something about this disease. You must not kill these animals. It is never good to harm an animal if you do not need to. It is also important that the animal be alive when you take samples of their blood. If any animals have eaten this plant and become ill, you need to find a way to capture them and use your fletching kit and these vials to gather blood samples. Althele is rarely wrong about what she senses from Antonica. Be careful with that medicine bag, I borrowed it from a friend in Halas a while back. I'll need you to use it to store some samples as you capture the animals. Don't lose it, you don't want Lars angry with you!'

You receive a Borrowed Medicine Bag, a 6-slot SMALL container, and 6 x Magical Sample Vial.

Step 3: Construct Traps

The clue to the next step is in Corun's "fletching kit" reference. If you open your fletching kit (any fletching kit or planar/collapsible only?) and search for recipes, you'll see a Large Butterfly Net and Eight-Loop Lasso listed, along with the subcombines for each:

Large Butterfly Net = 1 x Long Net Pole (crafted, see below) + 1 x Phase Netting (crafted, see below), trivial 15

Long Net Pole = 1 x Fallen Tree Branch (foraged in Dranik's Scar) + 1 x Whittling Knife (purchased in Abysmal Sea), trivial 15

Phase Netting = 4 x Phase Spider Silk (dropped in Dragon Necropolis from "a phase spider") + 1 x Pine Sap (foraged in Jaggedpine Forest and Nedaria's Landing)

Eight-loop Lasso = 8 x Fibrous Rope (crafted, see below), trivial 15, minimum skill required 100

Fibrous Rope = 1 x Golanda Nut (foraged in most if not all Omens of War zones) + 1 x Smithy Hammer (purchaseable at many fine smithing merchants), trivial 15, minimum skill required 100

Step 4: Capture the Animals...Crikey!

When using the lasso, make sure to equip something that won't do damage in your offhand slot, e.g., a fire beetle eye, your fletching trophy, etc. The mob should despawn at 25% and you will receive a captured version of the animal on your cursor. You then combine the captured version with a Magical Sample Vial in your fletching kit to craft a blood sample appropriate to that creature. Note that there's ~20% chance the capture will fail even if you did everything right (first person to do damage was using the magical trap/weapon.

The animals are:

a twitching swordfish in Siren's Grotto at -156, +75. Use the Large Butterfly Net. You will wind up with a Captured Swordfish on your cursor, which you should then combine with a Magical Sample Vial in your Borrowed Medicine Bag to craft a Twitching Swordfish Blood Sample.

a sickly mosquito in Cazic Thule at +990, -55. Use the Large Butterfly Net. You will wind up with a Captured Mosquito on your cursor, which you should then combine with a Magical Sample Vial in your Borrowed Medicine Bag to craft a Sickly Mosquito Blood Sample.

a bloated drogan spider in Temple of Droga at +450, +410. Use the Eight-loop Lasso. You will wind up with a Captured Spider on your cursor, which you should then combine with a Magical Sample Vial in your Borrowed Medicine Bag to craft a Bloated Drogan Spider Blood Sample.

a leprous chokidai in Chardok, Halls of Betrayal (a.k.a. Chardok B) at +165, +40. Use the Eight-loop Lasso. You will wind up with a Captured Chokidai on your cursor, which you should then combine with a Magical Sample Vial in your Borrowed Medicine Bag to craft a Leprous Chokidai Blood Sample.

Step 5: Combine the Samples

Combine the four samples and hand the Closed Medicine Bag to Corun. (Note: you can skip this step by combining all 6 samples before handing in to Corun, but we'll provide the flavor text for completeness.)

Corun Finisc looks over the contents of the medicine bag with a thoughtful expression. 'I wonder if this illness can affect so-called sentient beings. Take this back for now. Go and seek intelligent creatures that may have been affected by this illness. I don't care if you have to kill them, that's fine. Such beings are not of my concern. A couple of samples of their blood should be enough for me to discover something about this disease. I have been hearing from others that the course of this disease is not natural. As your own work corroborates, this illness has spread across species and locations that indicate an unnatural force. Please hurry, even I am beginning to believe that the term plague is appropriate in this situation. I shudder to think how this might affect this sacred glade.'

You receive the Borrowed Medicine Bag and previously combined blood samples back. Now you must collect two more samples. As the text suggests, you may fight and kill them normally. The blood samples do NOT have to be combined with the two remaining Magical Sample Vials.

Step 6: Collect the Remaining Samples

a neuralgic huntress may be found roaming the Western Wastes between the two canyons. Other mobs will assist her, so bring some crowd control. Triples for 600. Loot some Neuralgic Wyvern Blood.

an asteatotic highborn may be found in Veksar (/loc?). Need fight info. Loot some Asteatotic Veksar Blood.

Combine the two new blood samples with the four previous blood samples in your Borrowed Medicine Bag to craft a Full Medicine Bag. Bring this back to Corun.

Corun Finisc says 'This is frightening. A disease that can affect mosquito and wyvern must be a truly horrible thing. I will examine these samples carefully and pass knowledge to others who are working to repair this. From what you've shown me I can tell that the disease affects both the mind and the skin. Others seek information about illnesses of the skin. I need you to uncover information about diseases of the mind. I know not where to find such information, but you are a seeker and a worthy ranger. Find someone, somewhere, that knows enough about disease that affects 'more advanced' creatures such as men. Learn about the diseases of the mind. I will seek among the folk of the glade and pine for assistance with a cure for the Maiden's Hair. Please do not give up the search, no matter how difficult. This is a terrible illness and we must stop it from spreading. Take a copy of my notes with you, they may be of use to someone with the right knowledge.'

You receive Corun's Notes, which read:

This is a lengthy list of details about the effects of the Maiden's Hair disease. It describes similarities between the way it affects animals and the way that other diseases manifest. From what you see, there are two facets to the disease. It causes a painfully dry skin condition that often leads to excessive bleeding. The more deadly symptom affects the brain, causing incredible pain in the spine and head. This, Corun speculates, can lead to a shut down of the mind or a form of pain-driven insanity.

Step 7: Someone, Somewhere

Talk to Shana Liskia, the enchanter guildmaster in the Academy of Arcane Sciences in West Freeport, at +135, -750.

You say, 'What diseases of the mind?'

Shana Liskia says, 'I study the mind. My most recent research deals with, well, I'd rather not discuss that. Unless you need something specific, I don't really have time for long random conversations right now.'

Give her Corun's Notes.

Shana Liskia says 'Well, this certainly is an interesting puzzle. I see here that these creatures were infected in their spinal columns. I'll tell you that a part of my research involves the use of the fluids of the brain and spine. I suspect that further details might be unpleasant. I might be able to help you, but I'll need materials to work with. Gather fluids from the brain of the creature with the greatest mental power that you can find. I'll test it and see if it's strong enough and has the right properties. If I can duplicate what you saw in these infected creatures, perhaps I can help. Aslo, bring back those notes that Corun made, I'll need them as well.' Shana makes a few hasty scribbles in the margins of Corun's Notes and hands them back to you.

You receive Corun's Notes - annotated, which read:

This is a lengthy list of details about the effects of the Maiden's Hair disease. It describes similarities between the way it affects animals and the way that other diseases manifest. From what you see, there are two facets to the disease. It causes a painfully dry skin condition that often leads to excessive bleeding. The more deadly symptom affects the brain, causing incredible pain in the spine and head. This, Corun speculates, can lead to a shut down of the mind or a form of pain-driven insanity. In the margins of Corun's notes, Shana has jotted incantations and odd words such as Gloombelly Vine that imply unusual mystical ingredients.

Step 8: Gather Materials

Go to the Deep. an ancient thought horror spawns from a trap near -750, +400. It hits for 400, summons, can be slowed and snared, and enrages. Loot some Thick Spinal Fluid. Bring this and the annotated notes back to Shana.

Shana Liskia says 'Perfect! Yes, this will work nicely.' Shana looks through Corun's notes while gathering items from her stores. 'This should work. What I'm going to do is grow a crystal around this fluid and some of the key ingredients of the disease. The crystal will focus the power of the fluid and the elements of the disease will guide it. If this goes well, I should be able to create a crystal that will guide you to the disease.' Shana places the gathered items into a violet-tinted container and casts a spell over them. A moment later she retrieves a crystal from the container. The crystal is clear except for a dark, murky coloration at the center. 'Take that crystal and see if you can locate any creatures with the disease. If you have any success, please return and let me know.'

You receive a Mind Crystal.

Step 9: Locate Creatures with the Disease

Head back to Eastern Karana. The crystal glows warm in the presence of Althele and Tholris.

You say, 'You are diseased.'

Tholris looks at you indignantly.

You say, 'You are diseased.'

Tholris kicks dirt at your feet.

You say, 'You are diseased.'

Tholris shakes his head. Then he catches a glimpse of the Mind Crystal and looks thoughtful for a moment. Then he reaches into his pocket and produces two unusual crystals and hands them to you. Althele says, 'Tholris found these on the shore a little while ago. I don't see how they could be related to your search, but take them if you need them.'

You receive a Red Crystal and a Violet Crystal. Take these back to Shana.

Shana Liskia says 'Ah, well, it seems as though the crystal was attuned to these other crystals. They must have come in contact with a rather large element of the disease, otherwise I just can't see how the Mind Crystal would have noticed them. These crystals were created by someone with more experience than I have in this area. I will examine them further and attempt to learn something from them. I can tell now, though, that they were probably created in a fashion similar to the one I used to create the Mind Crystal.' Shana pulls out a piece of parchment and writes a note. She gives you the note and says, 'Take this note to Corun along with the Mind Crystal. He can use the crystal and my notes to seek out the plague in whatever fashion he thinks is best. I need to get to work investigating these new crystals.'

You receive a Letter to Corun, which reads:

You do not know me, Corun of the Glade. Our paths will never meet, I suspect. So you must trust my word and that of your ranger. The crystal that we have created for you will be able to locate traces of the Maiden's Hair disease under the proper circumstances. I hope that it aids you in your efforts to protect us from this illness. Your notes have put a bit of a fright into me and I have no desire to suffer from the illness you describe. I wish you luck and send you my appreciation of the talent of the one you sent to seek a cure. I trust that you will be able to solve this mystery and find a cure.

Take the letter and the Mind Crystal back to Corun.

Corun Finisc looks at the crystal for a moment; confusion, disgust and curiosity chasing each other across his tired face. After reading the letter, he looks up at you. 'This crystal seems strange, but if you and this Shana believe that it will help, then I know just the person to put it to work.' Corun puts the note and the crystal into a pouch. He reaches into another pouch to retrieve something small and hands it to you. 'This seed was brought to us by a druid of great skill. It should provide the cure we seek, but we do not know the place or circumstances under which to plant it. We have agreed to leave it to you to find that place and that time. I urge you to hasten, we do not know how long it will be until the plague is released upon us in earnest. The only thing that I know is that there may be a link between those that created the disease and the Plane of Discord. A very tenuous link, but keep the seed with you at all times, you never know when you will need it. May the Mother smile on your effort.'

You receive a Red Dogwood Seed.

Step 10: The Link with Discord

Gather a small raid force (has been done with 3 groups of Time-equipped players) and form up in the Bloodfields at a safe distance from the three buildings in the northwest before the Ruined City zoneline. Have someone else pull and clear the buildings and roamers in the area, as they will assist otherwise. When ready, go near the buildings (approximately +300, +750) with the seed. Several mobs will spawn:

Marshal Histent - Level 73+ - Roughly 500k hp, hits in the 1600s, rampages, procs Spirit Rend, is slowable with shaman's Balance of the Nihil

Grinbik the Fertile - Level 70 - Hits for 1100, is snareable and mezzable, moves slowly. He is controlled by the marshal to some extent.

2 x an eager student - Level 68

an enslaved earthmover - Level 68 - Mezzable.

Several other adds (names, fight info?) will spawn throughout the fight, and the 3 x a noc darklurch in one of the buildings will assist. The encounter stays up for 40 minutes if not engaged and has a 2 hour respawn.

Grinbik the Fertile respawns non-aggro upon winning the encounter.

Grinbik the Fertile says 'I wish to speak with the one that freed me.'

You say, 'Hail, Grinbik the Fertile'

Grinbik the Fertile shouts, 'Aaaah!' A deep rumbling voice flows along the ground. 'I thank you ______. You have freed me from such torture! Imagine me, Grinbik the Fertile, forced to kill and destroy! I was created to nurture and protect! I must go back to my own home and begin again to be what I was ment to be. I am honored and grateful to you for saving me. I see that you carry a powerful seed, nearly a seedling with its desire to grow! As my first act upon regaining myself I must aid you. If you wish that seed to flourish, you must find the land here that remains fertile. It is a rare thing but I have seen it. Take with you my blessing. This is a portion of my own power and it will aid you and that seed. I also know that my cousin Senvial is a slave here somewhere. You will need his aide as well to achieve your goal. Deliver that seedling and our blessing into the fertile ground and it will grow very quickly indeed. Thank you again ______! All present should praise you for your kind heart and warrior spirit.'

Note: the above dialogue was a transcription. If anyone has the actual logged dialogue, we'd appreciate a copy.

You receive Grinbik's Blessing. Grinbik the Fertile will despawn, and a chest may spawn with additional loot.

Step 11: Senvial's Aid

This is similar to the fight with Marshal Histent. In Natimbi, head straight west from the magus zone-in and you will be close when you hit the west zone wall. The mobs spawn at -550, +1600. Several mobs will spawn:

Spiritbinder Trenzar - Level 70 - hits in the 2000s, unslowable, has an AE cold 1500 DD (-300 FR check).

Senvial of the Mist - he will spawn during the fight with Spiritbinder Trenzar and aggro.

a bound earth spirit

a bound fire spirit

Once you get Senvial to around 10%, he will stop attacking (presumably respawn as a non-KoS version) and you may hail him. You don't need to kill Trenzar, just get Senvial to de-aggro.

Senvial of the Mist stops moving and, with obvious effort, becomes more like mist than water. The elemental spirit remains in this position as it struggles to maintain control of its own will.

You say, 'Hail, Senvial of the Mist'

Senvial of the Mist says 'Thank you for freeing me, ______. I am not sure how it is that you broke the power that commanded me, but for that I am very grateful.' The water spirit looks at you carefully before speaking again. 'I sense that you will need my aid in the future. To repay my debt to you I give you my blessing. This is no mean thing, it carries with it a portion of my own power. Mine is the cool rain and soft mist. I am the essence of morning dew and the lazy fog. I have no doubt that you will use it wisely. There are more of my kin enslaved by these beasts and others like them. You appear to have the power to rescue them as you have me. I am not a being of foresight or far-seeing, mine is the realm of small, gentle things, but even I can see that you are a being of portent. I am honored to have met you. I must return to my realm. I shall never forget this place and what it has made me do, nor shall I forget the one thing that freed me.'

You receive Senvial's Blessing.

Step 12: Seed to a Tree

At +1380, -960 in Jaggedpine Forest, you will find a ground spawn 3-slot SMALL container called Fertile Earth. Combine the Red Dogwood Seed, Grinbik's Blessing, and Senvial's Blessing in the container at that location (no other locations will work). A tree will start to grow and you will see this:

The seed grows rapidly the moment you push it beneath the soil. It appears at first as a mere shoot, but within moments grows into a stout sapling and then into a gigantic tree. The tree is one you've never seen before. It is the coloration and thick bark of a redwood with the thick bole indicative of the species. The tree is, however, far too short and has spindly branches sprouting from it with beautiful flowers that you would expect on a dogwood. You take all of this in at a glance. It takes you a moment longer to realize that the tree is moving.

Red Dogwood Treant looks about for a moment. It peers at the sky and the earth for a while. It then looks down and says, 'We finally meet. Thank you for helping me to grow. I understand that I have been blessed by spirits of rain and earth and that is why I can speak to you and move. You have given me much, my friend. Now I would give something to you.' The great treant gently pulls a small piece of wood from its bole. The wood is hard and dark. It then reaches down with one of its high branches and plucks a singular flower, smaller and of blue color that differs from the white of the others. The petals fall from the flower as he reaches out and hands you these two items. 'I have been with you and your people for a while. I know what you seek. That seed will grow the plant you need. The heartwood is for you. May it serve you well.'

You receive Red Dogwood Heartwood and a Spring Dogwood Seed. In yellow text, you see:

The Red Dogwood Treant speaks directly into your mind. 'My day of growth is a glorious one, but now that I can sense the world directly I feel a dangerous presence invading it. There is a force of chaos here, I can feel it in my limbs. I am not the only one that feels this, for I hear others thinking about it. Many of them do not know what it is, they can not understand its force, but they are reacting to it. I sense that our world is becoming more dangerous, that there is a change coming. I also feel something closer, something coming. Something knows I have become aware. It is a servant of the chaos. It... it reaches for me!'

The Red Dogwood Treant screams in pain. 'Something has grasped my very soul! It seeks to consume me!' The treant begins to wither.

In your mind you feel the treant suffering and asks your permission to serve you rather than suffer consumption. Of course you agree, and you feel the treant's relief. You sense the spirit of the amazing creature leave its own body and enter the heartwood that it so recently gave to you. It speaks to you once more before completely merging with the wood. 'I sensed another there, a great nature spirit enslaved. It was this spirit that was forced to find me and be a conduit for my destruction. You must find and free him! He suffers so! I can aid you as I did before with Senvial and Grinbik, though it may be difficult for me to speak to you again. Thank you for everything, friend.'

Go back to Corun in Surefall Glades and give him the Spring Dogwood Seed.

Corun Finisc look at the seed, perplexed for a moment. Then he suddenly goes into motion. He pulls a sheaf of papers from a backpack and riffles through them. He mutters to himself as he compares the seed to sketches in the notes. 'This is it! If we plant this seed and its seeds widely enough, it should protect and even cure the Maiden's Hair with its pollen! You've done it! Thank you! The Glade thanks you. You've saved many good and fair things from death.' Corun looks crestfallen for a moment. 'I only wish I had something to give you to express our appreciation. From what you have told me I think this may help you. It is a rare metal, I hope you can find a worthy use for it.'

You receive a Block of Purest Silver.

Step 13: One Last Fight

Bring a raid to the Ruined City of Dranik. Head north from zone-in and turn right when you reach the east-west valley. Up the slope is an entrance to a courtyard with many snakes and a red /con ogre called Krekk Brimblade (part of the warrior epic 1.5). North of the courtyard is the entrance to a fort. Have your raid clear the west wing of the fort then back out to the entrance. When ready, you should head in to +1400, -900, causing Sverins Fireskin and Uisima Lord of the Depths to spawn (need levels and fight info).

Similarly to the previous two fights, keep Uisima busy via off-tanking or kiting and kill Sverins Fireskin, who procs Matter Dispersal and spawns mezzable/snareable/slowable adds called "An Earthbound Golem." Once Sverins is dead, slowly take Uisima down to low health until he respawns as non-KoS.

You say, 'Hail, Uisima Lord of the Depths'

Uisima Lord of the Depths says 'It is good to be free again. Thank you for your help. Now, let us forget the past, for that is the only way that I shall be able to regain my life. Let us look into your future and the future of your friend the treant. I must somehow make amends for the pain that I have caused him. Please let me see the heartwood in which he now resides.'

Give it the Red Dogwood Heartwood.

Uisima Lord of the Depths holds the wood for a while, peering into the smooth grains. After a few moments he speaks. 'We are in agreement, the treant and I. You have been my savior and his creator. There seems only one way to repay your efforts on our behalf.' Uisima holds the heartwood at arm's length and breathes lightly to it. You feel as much as hear the treant sigh with pleasure at the feel of the breath. You too feel the breeze brush our face and in it you understand what is happening. Uisima is freeing the wood and the treant inside to take a shape of its choosing. The wood grows, changing shape to become something more than it was, Uisima hands the wood back to you. 'The Red Dogwood treant is a rare creature, gentle in spirit but strong in conviction. He says that he is honored to serve you in this fashion. Take this wood and form around it a blade made of the finest silver. We both thank you but I must go now or I might be captured once again.'

Uisima despawns and you receive Wind-blessed Heartwood. A chest may spawn with additional loot. Combine the Wind-blessed Heartwood and Block of Purest Silver in a fletching kit to craft the Heartwood Blade, a.k.a. ranger epic 1.5. You also receive 5 AAs and access to your new epic title, Earthguard.

Congratulations on your 'Heartwood Blade'!

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