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Ranger Epic 1.0 Swiftwind / Earthcaller

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The Beginning

First go to Telin Darkforest (Level 55) in Burning Woods. He roams near to the Skyfire zone and has been sited at +3234, +2871. Ask him "what action" and he will give you a note. If he doesn't, then your faction is too low. Faction can be built up fast by doing the muffin-quest in Freeport.

Next, find Faelin Bloodbriar in Greater Faydark. Faelin spawns at +1500, +500. The placeholder is a roaming orc pawn that spawns at 6 minute intervals. The best tactic is to roam around. Once you do find her, give her the note and you receive a ring. After giving her the note she despawns.

Giz X'Tin (Level 40) is found in Kithicor near the path from West Commons to Highpass Hold. Give him the ring and he gives you a dark metal coin. Giz roams along the path. After you hand him the ring a level 50 Darkelf Reaver spawns and attacks you. Be prepared and have Spirit of the Wolf cast on you so that you can run away.

Go back to Telin Darkforest and give him the Coin. He will give it back to you as worn metal coin. He tells you to find Athele. Find Athele in East Karanas. She can be found just north of the barbarian fishing village. Give her the worn metal coin and receive a worn amulet. Give this amulet to Sionae (spawns -2300, -930), then to Nuien (spawns -3650, -300) and finally to Teloa (spawns -3800, -2860).

When you give the amulet to Teloa the Dark Elf Corruptor and two Darkelf Reavers (All around level 50) spawn. You should have one of your druid friends stand on the hill east of the river (loc -1500, -1000). He will depop after 10 seconds if not attacked so have the druid kite the Corruptor over to you. You needn't worry about the Reavers, they will head towards the four druids. Just kill the Corruptor and get the tome. The Reavers will probably just kill the druids which is fine because Athele will spawn in about one hour.

Give Athele the tome and he gives you an Earth Stained Note. Bring this to Ella Foodcrafter.

Ella Foodcrafter in Misty Thicket is this wanted women that wanders the zone. Give her the earthstained note and she will tell you that she needs a mixture. She will give you her mixing bowl. It is a Container so you need a free slot in the Inventory. She also mentions some kind of ancient bowl that she needs.

The Hardened Mixture

You must forage 4 items that you have to combine in Ella's mixing bowl:

Chilled Tundra Root from Everfrost Peaks.

Sweetened Mudroots from Misty Thicket.

Speckled Moldy Mushrooms from Innothule Swamp.

Heartfruit from Greater Faydark.

Go to these places and put the "Forage" button into your hotkey, find a nice safe space and hit forage continuously. This can take several hours so be prepared. When you get the items, combine them in the bowl and you get a Hardened Mixture.

The Runed Bowl

Now go to the Chess Island in Timorous Deep. The easiest way to do this is to take the barge from the Oasis docks to Timorous Deep. From this island, cast levitate, Sow and invis (there's a deadly Iksar on Chess Island, you want to avoid him) and run south. Do it from something elevated, like the docks, so you skim over the water. Run straight south. Use track to locate Alrik Farsight. He's at about -6500, 2000. Note that Succor and Egress both take you within 100 feet of Alrik. Egress is a level 52 Druid spell, and Succor is a group form of that, received at level 57.

Uninvis yourself, hail him, then say "How do you make an ancient bowl?" and "I can take the artifact." He gives you a crushed pot and sends you to Felwithe. Hail Farios Elianos in Felwithe South before you give him the crushed pot. Farios is in the merchant building near the caster's guild. When you enter Felwithe South, you'll see the entrance to the merchant straight ahead, whereas the entrance to the caster's guild is to the left.

If he doesn't respond to you then your faction with Keepers of the Art is too low. Do not give him the pot. Indifferent is not enough, you need amiable. You can build up faction fast with the batwing-quest in Felwithe South.

(This quest is simple and cheap but time-consuming. In EC, right near the zone to WC, there is a merchant south of Orc 2 camp, an Erudite. She sells bat wings, cheap. Select the wings from her list, hold down shift and click on Buy about 5-6 times. You'll have 5-6 stacks of wings. Head back to Felwithe South, run to the mage guild, and hand in wings, 4 per stack in all 4 give slots, to Niola Impholder, a trainer in the Felwithe Mage guild. It took me two full backpacks of wings to go from indifferent to amiable, and I am a Wood Elf follower of Tunare.)

Once Farios cons amiable and talks to you, give him the pot and you receive a grocery list. The dialogue with the NPCs for this segment is pretty funny. He will give you the receipt for the bowl if you do a job for him. Bring this grocery list to Merchant Nora in the Shop of All Halos in Felwithe north, which is near the cleric guild. She gives you in return a bag of Provisions. Bring it to Farios and he gives you the receipt for the ancient bowl. Head back to Alrik Farsight in Timorous Deep. He will give you an ancient pattern when you give him the receipt.

The pattern says that you have to combine it with a piece of enchanted clay and platinum speckled powder in a pottery wheel. No skill in pottery is required.

Platinum speckled powder can be obtained through another sub quest.

Forage a Rose of Firiona in Firiona Vie and give it to Merdan Fleetfoot in Surefall Glades, a male ranger in the back of the zone, near the water. The old wooden painting that you receive has to be brought to the human skeleton (Level 40) that roams the western part of Frontier Mountains . It can be found wandering on the western and southern areas, far from the giant fort.

Invis yourself to be left alone by the wandering mobs. Look for "A Human Skeleton" on track. Give him the painting and he will crumble, and you'll have a silver chained locket in your inventory.

Back to Surefall Glade. Give the locket to Niera Farbreeze, a human female in banded armor, also near the water but close to the druid guild building. She will hand you the platinum speckled powder.

Enchanted clay can be obtained through Kinlo Strongarm in Kaladim's EverHot Forge. If you ask him "what mud" and "do it for me" he will tell you that he would like to have a colored axe for his service. He wants a Jade Reaver that can be found in the City of Mist off of a Black Reaver who is about level 52. This is not easy at all. The Reaver is a rare drop and the Black Reavers are a real pain to take down. You will need at least one full group of 50+ players if not two, and one must be a rogue with high lock picking skills.

Hand Kinlo the axe and you get the enchanted clay. If you hunted dwarf citizens in Butcher, invis yourself and head to the forge. The merchants, thankfully, are on a different faction table. Just go to the Everhot Forge and hand Kinlo a Jade Reaver to get the clay. Now combine the pattern, clay and powder in any pottery wheel to make the Rune Crested Bowl.

The Stones

Go Back to Misty Thicket and hand Ella Foodcrafter the hardened mixture and the rune crested bowl. She will make for you a softly glowing stone from it. Ella tells you to find one such as yourself.

Go to Karnor's Castle. Kill Venril Sathir to spawn Venril Sathirs remains. If Venril Sathir has already been killed by another guild, the remains should already be up. If not it spawns every two days.

Cast the spell Dance of the Fireflies to Summon a Firefly Globe. Give the Firefly Globe to Venril Sathirs remains to spawn the Spirit of Venril Sathir. Give the scroll for the spell Resurrection to the Spirit of Venril Sathir to respawn Venril Sathir.

After you kill this respawned version of Venril Sathir you will get the Pulsing Green Stone.

Go to Firiona Vie. Give the Softly Glowing Stone and the Pulsing Green Stone to Foloal Stormforest to get the Warmly Glowing Stone.

Head back to Burning Woods and give Telin Darkforest the Warmly Glowing Stone to get the Ancient Longsword.

The Hammers

Now head to The Hole which is a zone adjacent to Paineel. Find Jaeil the Wretched (level 50). Use Sneak and then go behind Jaeil and give him the Shiny Tin Bowl. Make sure you have a raid party in the room ready for battle. He will scream at himself and then Jaeil the Insane will spawn.

Now the raid party goes into action and kills Jaeil the Insane. Loots from Jaeil the Insane a Soulbound Hammer.

Go to Erudin and find Mairee. She is in the jewelry shop, by the bank. Give her the Soulbound Hammer and in return she will give you the Dwarven Smiths Hammer.

Now go to the Plane of Air and kill the Essence Tamer. He spawns on the fourth island and drops the Swirling Sphere of Color.

Take the Dwarven Smiths Hammer and the Swirling Sphere of Color and give them to Mairee. In return, she will give you the Hammer of the Ancients.

Go back to Kinlo Strongarm and give him the Hammer of the Ancients.

The Swords

After you give Kinlo Strongarm and the Hammer of the Ancients. Usbak the Old will spawn and he will give you Small Bit of Mithril Ore.

Give Usbak the Old your Ancient Longsword and he will return to you the new and improved Refined Ancient Longsword.

Hand the Mithril Ore to Kinlo to get the Refined Mithril Blade.

Go back to the Burning Woods, to Telin and give him the Refined Ancient Sword. This causes Faelin Bloodbriar to spawn and Telin will give you back the Refined Ancient Sword.

Give the Refined Ancient Sword to Faelin and she will enchant it for you and return to you Swiftwind, the first epic weapon.

At this point she despawns after saying some stuff about how you have to kill Innoruuk to rebalance the world. That is exactly what you are going to do.

Go to the Plane of Hate and kill Innoruuk. His location is (-65, -196) and he spawns about once a week. He is a level 55 Wizard with approx. 32,000 hit points. He is a green looking man wearing clothes. Loot the Shattered Emerald of Corruption.

The End

Take the Refined Mithril Blade and the Shattered Emerald of Corruption to Xanthuus the Treant in North Karanas. In return he will give you the last epic weapon, the Earthcaller.

Earthcall is a 50% slow with a DoT that does 500 damage over 2.5 minutes. Swift Spirit increases your ATK by 30 and also has a 40% haste.

Congratulations on your 'Swiftwind / Earthcaller'!

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