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Bard Epic 1.0 Singing Short Sword

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The Beginning

The Quest starts in the Dreadlands where you must find Baldric Slezaf.    He is located in the Undead pyramid city near the teleport areas.  He was inside the far west pyramid, location was positive 770, positive 9700.  (Thanks Talespin Spellwind for location.)  Baldric Slezaf will ask you for four items.  They are the top part of page 24, the bottom part of page 24, page 25, and a Lute made by Forpar Fizfla.

Top Half of Page 24

The quest for the top part of page 24 starts in Western Karanas, where you must find Konia Swiftfoot in the guard tower -516 , -2433.  She will tell you to take a torch to Fajio Knejo.  Fajio can be found in Misty Thicket at approximately -250, -250.  This is on the safe side of the wall close to the entrance to the dangerous side where the two guards are stationed.  Give him the torch and he will give you another torch to take to Andad Filla.  (Kind of like the Olympics.)

Fajio says: 'Run Onward, my friend, to the far off Desert of Ro and give this torch to Andad Filla.

Andad Filla is in South Ro -3043 , +1243.  He spawns and sits very near to the Innothule Swamp entrance and when you give him the torch from Fajio he will give you yet another torch to give to Misty Tekchita.  

Andad says: You still have a way to go! Seek out Misty Tekchita near the arena at Lake Rathe. Run like the wind!

Misty is in Lake Rathetear.  If she is there when you get there you can find her near the entrance to the Arena.  Misty will give you a Ring called Proof of Speed.  Return this ring to Konia Swiftfoot and you will get the top part of page 24.

Bottom Half of Page 24

For the bottom half of page 24, Konia Swiftfoot will give it to you for Mahlin's Bongos.  To get these, first visit Braenar Swiftsong in South Karanas at -19 , +96.  Asked him "what doll" and he will give you a Solusek Mining Company Invoice.

Take the Invoice to Marfen Binkdirple in Soluseks Eye and he will give you A Mechanical Doll.  Give this doll to Braenar's Daughter, Serra.  She is in the Estate of Unrest next to the Gnome Spelunker on the right on the mansion.  You will need a enchanter to mesmerize the spelunker or a group to kill him.  Serra will give you a note to give to Braenar.  He will give you another not to give to Maligar. 

Maligar is found in West Karanas at approximately +1300 , -11500.  He is KoS to mostly everyone.  If you are an agnostic bard, you can use the Mask of Deception to become dubious to him.  When you give him a note Maligar's Estranged Doppleganger will spawn on top of him.  You must then kill both of these things and loot from the Doppleganger Maligar's Head.  To kill these two you will only need a group of high 40's to low 50's.  You do not have to actually kill Maligar himself, just the Doppleganger.

Take Maligar's Head to Braenar and he will give you Mahlin's Bongos.  Take the Bongo's to Konia for the bottom half of page 24.

Page 25

Now to find page 25.  First talk to Kelkim Menkia, a female npc in South Karanas at -245, -3650.  She asks you to bring her 3 guts from 3 wurms and drakes.  The first guts drops from Eldrig the Old.  He is a rare spawn chromodrake in Skyfire Mountains.  It drops Chromodrac guts which are the guts you  need.  

The next guts are dropped from Nezekezena, a named wurm level 51 in the Burning Woods.  Reports indicate that if you go to Nezekezena's spawn location (about -450, -2550 in Burning Wood) and kill everything in sight, eventually Nez or his (her?) placeholders will start spawning with a cycle time of 90 seconds. People have evidenced acquiring Burning Embers at a rate of 1 or 2 in a few hours' time with this method. Phurzikon and Nezekezena both spawn on this spot, and they are both strong; sometimes Nez or Phurz will spawn two times in a row, so your group had better be strong enough to take them.  Nezekezena, if not killed when she spawns, will wander sometimes along the east and south walls of the zone, so if you can't find her near her spawn, look there. A tracker would definitely help.  The guts you need from her are red wurm guts.  The best way to do this camp, is have someone in your guild with an extra computer bring a ranger to the zone.  Then continually track for a week or so until you get it on track.  Phurzikon drops a very nice resistance shoulder called wurm scale coat.  This might be a good way to convince people to help you camp these two wurms.  Phurzikon also drops an item for the Magician epic.

The last guts are dropped from Blackwing in Rathe Mountains.  This is a level 35-40 onyx drake identical to the other drakes.  To get him to spawn, kill all lizards, drakes, etc. that are close to the sphinx.  He will spawn shortly.  He has around 1400-1900 hitpoints. He drops huge onyx drake guts.

Take the three guts to Kelkin Mekia and she will give you page 25.

Head and Neck of the Mystical Lute

Now for the final part.  You must get talk to Forpar Fizfla.  You must complete three quests for him.  After each quest he will reward you will part of the lute.  He can usually be found in the middle windmill.

The First Quest is for the Head and Neck of the lute.  Go to Vedico Windwisper in the Butcherblock Mountains.  She is on the docks.  She asks that you bring the Alluring Horn.  This horn is dropped off of Quag Maelstrom.  He is a level 45 mob in Ocean of Tears, only one zone away from Vedico.  The following information was cited by an anonymous person on Illia's Beastiary. He's generally on the Seafury Cyclops island around 1000, -6000. He conned red to me at 42 and he casts drain mana a lot, (which curiously did not appear to lower my bardic mana bar at all). I was able to land a lot of Chants of Flame and Curtailing Chants so his fire/magic resistances may not be that high. He didn't hit me all that much, but if memory serves he was hitting me for around 100 or 120 per shot.  He's generally seen wielding this odd weapon which looks like a thin tree trunk skewering the alluring horn he carries, which tends to make him stand out from the others. There are a good number of cyclopses on the small island, so pulling Quag alone isn't easy. But sometimes he stomps over to the shore by himself (to look in the water I guess). I don't know if he spawns all the time, or if you have to trigger his spawn by talking to the disgruntled elf at the BB docks. I went to talk to the elf first just in case, and by the time I got to the island Quag was there, and didn't despawn over the several hours I took to gauge the island and set up my offensive.

Bring the Alluring Horn to Vedico and she will give you a note to give to give to Forpar.  When you give the note to Forpar he gives you another note of the 3 things he needs.

The first thing is called Backbone of an Ancient Fisherman or Phinigel's Spine.  It is found off of the Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep.  The Phinigel Autropos is a level 50 Wizard.  He can be taken out with 1 well structured 55+ group.  He enjoys dispelling people (usually your enduring breath.)  His guardians are level 51. He is mezzable, his guardians are not, and they can complete heal. With new gear, a group of 5 people can easily do this, as long as you have one level 60 to pull (only lvl 60s can get him solo.)

The second thing is a Amygdalan Tentacle or Amygdalan Tendril.  These are 9/25 1h slashing weapons that drop from Amygdalan Warriors and rarely Knights in Plane of Fear.  They are both level 48-52 but the knights can heal, summon pets, and harmtouch.

The third thing is a Petrified Skull of Lycanthrope or petrified werewolf skull.  This is dropped from the Drolvarg Warlord in Karnor's Castle.  This is a level 51-54 Drolvarg who spawns in the Warlord room.

Hand in the three items and the note to Forpar and he will give you the head and neck of the lute.

Body of the Mystical Lute

When he gives you the head and neck of the lute he offers to give you the body of the lute for three items.

The first item is a Large Red Dragon Scale.  This is most commonly dropped by Lord Nagafen, a level 55 dragon in Nagafen's Lair but can also be found off of Zordakilicus Ragefire in Skyfire, or Talendor in Skyfire.  There is also a mob in The Hole named Nortlav the Scalekeeper.  He is a level 51-55 Erudite that drops the Red Dragon Scale.  He hits for about 190 on average.  He has a nasty harmtouch that does around 1500 damage.  He also uses harmtouch, and has a high magic resist.  Wizard spells Ice Comet and the Lure Line will stick.  Necromancer DoTs will also work.

Now find the Large White Dragon Scale from Vox in Permafrost, or Gorenaire in the Dreadlands.

The last item you can ask a fellow smith to make.  You need 2 metal bits.

Turn these three items in for the body of the lute.  To be safe, do not have the metal bits stacked.

Strings of the Mystical Lute

Once you get the body, Forpar will offer to give you the strings to the lute as long as you bring him one thing.  Trakanon's Guts.  These drop off of a clone of Trakanon.  He is exactly the same except he always drops the guts.  To get him to spawn, go to Trak's lair while he is not spawned.  Give the body of the lute to An Undead Bard which spawns about 18 hours after a normal Trakanon is killed.   He will hand it back to you and then attack you.  He is level 55 monster.  Once he is killed, the clone of Trakanon will spawn.  Trakanon claws for 650, with a sickening melee range, and his breath attack has been known to kill whole groups in minutes.  The regular Trakanon does not drop the guts.  You must force spawn the clone through the undead bard.   Now give Forpar the Trakanon Guts, the Head and Neck of the Lute (One Item) and the Body of the Lute for Forpar's Mystical Lute.

The End

You are nearly there!  Go back to the Dreadlands and find Baldric.  Give him Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top, Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Bottom, Page 25, Mystical Lute.  He will give you the Singing Short Sword!

The effect on this item is a full party buff that adds 55% haste, 30 Strength, amplifies songs by 80% and 30 attack. It lasts for 2 minutes 30 seconds and has a range of about 150 feet. It also works as every instrument.

Congratulations on your 'Singing Short Sword'!

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