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Bard Creation

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The Bard is a melting pot of all the classes. They cast spells (the songs), melee, are able to wear plate armor. They can heal and increase mana regeneration, and can also charm and mesmerize. Bards can dual wield, dodge, and at higher levels, parry and riposte. The Bard class also gets some skills of other the Rogue and Monk. They can hide, sneak, disarm traps and safe fall. Bards also have the fastest movement spell in the game. Whilst they are never as skilled as the people who dedicate their entire class into one of the specialist fields, they can do a little of everything quite well.

Bard's have one true specialty - their music. They are the only class who can utilize the magical instruments found in Norrath, and because most of their magical abilities do not require mental effort, they generally never use mana. This allows them to give most of their magical benefits with no downtime or need to meditate.

Whilst this all sounds like they are some ultra class, Bards do have their weaknesses. Bards are melee types, but they are never to be used as tanks. Bards who try to tank die, and die a lot. Also Bards, at least at the higher levels, are usually the second to die after the Enchanter. Bards are generally very high up on an enemies hate-list because they are constantly buffing every member of the group during fights. If you don't like dying, or do not have a great deal of patience in leveling, this might not be the class for you. Also, Bards are usually not considered one of the classes that are easily soloable. It can be done, but you have to have the skills to do so. Learning these skills takes a lot of time, and even then there is high risk. 

Also, as a Bard, you will not be able to talk a lot while in combat. That time will be consumed with weaving or twisting your songs for maximum effect. Twisting requires good concentration and physical ability to keep your keystrokes in the right order. With a good connection, a Bard should be able to twist three to four songs with no problems. 

The Bard is a welcome addition to most groups. They thrive in multi-player situations and can adapt to fit a number of class roles quite easily. The mana song is a welcome sound to casters and the various haste songs make a melee or tank even deadlier. Bards also have the most powerful resistance increasing spells in the game, and can easily make the party invisible, levitate, or run incredibly fast. 

The Bard is a class that is somewhat dependent on the equipment, but a good Bard can survive on their skills of using the right song for the right situation. The Bard is not as straight forward a class as most. They are not tanks, yet they are not casters. Some prefer to melee as a Bard, while others take the instrument route to do their damage.

A good Bard is something all classes love to see, and they are critical for fights against Dragons or Gods. It is a challenging character type, but one which is very rewarding once they achieve their full power.


Strength: Strength determines how much you can carry.  It influences maximum and average damage and how quickly you learn many offensive skills.  Bards wear plate armor, which can weigh large amounts at upper levels.  Also they have a semi-melee role, which means they will get more damage done with their weaponry with higher strength.  Whilst a number of their songs do increase this stat, it is one which should also get a boost at creation.

Stamina: Stamina affects how many hit points you have, and how long you can hold your breath.  The number of hit points gained from increasing this statistic is very minimal and Bards have a song which replenishes stamina if needed.  No points should be assigned to this statistic at creation.

Agility: Agility affects how quickly you can learn some defensive skills, how difficult it is to hit you as well as how much damage you take when you are hit.  The true effect of Agility is often debated.  Since Bards can get hit a lot in combat, there is sound argument for putting points into this statistic.  However, it doesn't seem to make a noticeable difference, and there are quite a few Agility increasing items in the game.  Bards also increase Agility and AC with their songs.  Despite the fact it is a relevant statistic, it is recommended to put your bonus points into more important areas when starting out.

Dexterity: Dexterity affects how quickly you learn weapon skills, and how often weapons will do their special.  For Bards it also effects their chance of missing notes (fizzling) their spells.  This is a critical statistic for Bards and one which they should certainly raise with their extra points.

Wisdom: Wisdom affects the amount of mana the priest classes have, also rangers and paladins.   It also affects how quickly you can learn many skills if your wisdom is higher than your Intelligence.  This skill has absolutely no relevance for the Bard class and bonus points should not be put into it.

Intelligence: Intelligence directly affects how quickly you can learn most skills.  It affects the amount of mana for Bards and all pure casters, as well as shadow knights.  Mana for Bards is only used in a small number of songs, and they have no way to increase its regeneration rate.  It is much easier to get a few items which raise this stat for when you might need extra mana, than to increase it at the beginning.  Like Agility, whilst relevant, there are more important stats to raise with your bonus points. 

Charisma: This affects amount you will be paid for goods by NPC merchants, and how much they will pay you.  It also affects the saving throw on certain Bard and Enchanter spells (charms in particular).  For Bards, Charisma is much more important than for other classes.  It not only effects their chance of songs being resisted, but also is part of the calculation for fizzled notes.  Points should definitely be spent increasing this statistic at creation.

Choosing A Race

The first thing you have to pick then is your race.   Which race you pick will determine the foundation of you character for the rest of your life in Norrath so it is kind of important you pick one you like.  The majority of Bards tend to be Half-Elves or Vah Shir since they have the highest overall melee stats.  Wood Elves trade off their strength in damage for some extra agility in avoiding being hit.  Humans, like always, have consistent base stats.  

Humans are the only race with no night vision abilities, and none of the races level any faster than another.  Since all Bards get the ability to hide and forage, the wood-elves natural abilities are not so important.

Vah Shir have infravision, and also start the game with 100 in Safe-falling.  Vah Shir have a lot of strength requiring some point investment in the other key Bard stats at creation.

Starting Statistics

Wood Elf 70 65 95 90 80 75 85 25
Half Elf 75 70 90 95 60 75 85 25
Human 80 75 75 85 75 75 80 25
Vah Shir 95 75 90 80 70 65 75 25


Spending Your Bonus Points

In today’s EverQuest starting stats are not as crucial as they were in the beginning. We suggest maxing out your stamina stats first, and training the rest of your starting points in intelligence.


Generally speaking being agnostic is a fairly safe bet in EverQuest.  Religion serves only to get you into trouble in many situations.  The disadvantage to doing this is that some items and some quests can only be done by followers of certain religions.  Following a religion will at worst get you killed in some areas, but generally you can avoid these.  In the end it will not make an enormous difference to your character which Deity you choose.

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